567 thoughts on “Open up your eyes [ Halloween Special ]

    (or early)
    For those of you still confused I’ll make it a lot simpler to understand.
    Blackmoon is in more control of everlys body then everly herself is. And she’s come to accept it.

    1. This song fits my oc blackheart but blackheart would be the one singing it to her only sister that survived her random massacre when she well….opened up her eyes

  2. This is so awesome!
    The movie was so good I loved it! This was my favorite song from the whole thing, freaking tempest shadow is the best.

    1. Ashie Otaku Yaoi lover Sounds like a weird zany specialty cocktail you’d get at a bar in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. «Yeah I’ll have the Fizzel Pop Berry Twist.»

    1. Vanessa Thompson
      That was a flashback where 2 of everlys (the blue wolfs) siblings died suddenly from a illness. The truth that she faces is that everyone will eventually die. And that you must be grateful for the life that you have, for it could end at any moment.

  3. I think the story would be better if :

    1 : The pups from the litter were still alive
    2 : IF THIS WAS ACTUALLY MLP ( the song is from MLP movie)
    3 : If this also was to do with something other than wolves ( it would have been fine with actual ponies or anything other than wolves )

    1. Selena Gaster Blaster
      Well it’s an old backstory I made when I was little.
      Just cause it’s a mlp song doesnt mean it has to be mlp.
      And they’re all wolves cause it’s my characters I seen to fit the song.

    1. Engla Eversdijk
      Not nessisarly. She acquired a alternate personality that was evil. Everly was considered something «pure» and innocent. This evil counteracted that innocence and made her more or less normal. She’s nothing pure and sacred but she’s not purely evil either.

    1. Not everyone knows who this person is or character. People are giving you credit as if you wrote the song. I’m not judging the video, I am judging the lack of credit. Emily Blunt isn’t very famous. She’s well known, but only by those who are Bronies or watch Orange is the new black. So it would be wise and proper to give credit to Hasbro, Dhx, My Little Pony, and Daniel Ingram who actually wrote the song.

    1. Jessica Pietruszynski
      For animating I use Flipaclip but for this I used ibis paint to draw the frames on my phone and put them together on my computer with Windows movie maker.

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