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  1. Лучшая анимация за последние время на ютубе по этой песни . Не дочёды конечно есть , как на пример не докраска , но это думаю лишь время . Раскадровка хорошая , как и дизайн. Продолжайте в том же духе

    1. О ещё один русский человечек, который смотрит анимации) Как ни странно, но анимации на зарубежном ютубе намного лучше, чем наши. Хотя они у нас не особо распространены. Метеора кстати в человеческом виде тут довольно красивая)

    2. «That’s the best animation for this song on YouTube (from ones which made in the last time). Of course there are a little mistakes like the fact it’s not colored, but that’s just a matter of time. Style and everything are great, so keep on!»

      I should say that this gal must do not understand what «animatic» is so that’s the reason she asks «why are there no colors or moving»

  2. Your art style is just so beautiful and this is so well done with so much love and effort put in this video. I feel so bad for meteora she didn’t deserve all the bad things done to her. This legit gave me chills. This needs way more views :3

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    1. If this was in the actual show I would be wondering what Star would be like after the song because it looked she was actually thinking that Meteora was right. That would be an epic plot twist.

    2. I feel like she’s definitely a lot more sympathetic, and that she was somewhat correct, but lashing out against other people. That said, she would probably try to talk her down, and probably have more luck. She’d probably give her the throne, with some concessions.

  4. I am surprised that this video is not having a lot of likes !!! Your art style is very beautiful and on point ~ not to mention I am in love with how serious the characters look and their expressions and the song you picked is very awesome and does express the situation very well

  5. The story I’m seeing here? Meteora’s mother, Eclipsa, had raised her a good memorable years before Shastican led an army of haters to get Meteora. Eclipsa had taken Meteora and sent her away for her safety, only to be imprisoned. Meteora grew hateful, and she began to plan the rebellion. Meteora had wanted to convey to Star the pain she felt from that and to get Star to realize Mewni isn’t going to change easily, and that Meteora actually didn’t want to get Star hurt, since Star tried helping the monsters. Meteora just wanted to Open Star’s Eyes to the truth as Meteora took the throne of Mewni, at last becoming her true self — the monster that the people feared unreasonably. A hurt creature done with their hurt.

    1. Ari the Ram Shepherd of Mars, I so understand this. Meteora just wants to take back what was taken from her all those years ago. I can also see Star joining sides with Eclipsa and Meteora.

    2. Ari the Ram Shepherd of Mars

      Yes, technically a (Mewni) version of «Daughter of Evil»…..
      It’s a Vocaloid thing….

      The supposed lost princess is raised in isolation from the one she loves the most being taken from her… & due 2 the years that passed by as she grows up w/o that person she grows bitter towards the world & becomes the monster that everyone fears…..

    1. I honestly don’t. She’s a ruthless dictator, I don’t think friendship or love would even ever be on her mind or even ever be stripped away from her. Not saying she is incapable of caring, but there are some lines in this gorgeous song that completely contradict the elements of her character and her heiarchal status.

    2. Or how about Blue Diamond singing this back to Yellow, as in response to «What’s The Use of Feeling Blue?» Telling Yellow to «Open Up Your Eyes»

    3. You know, I haven’t honestly kept in touch with Steven Universe, because the show just continued to disappoint me, along with the fan base. But, yeah, maybe it does fit with Pink Diamond, whatever her character is like.

  6. I love that Meteora looks so much more old and serious from the shape of her face and her facial features, whereas Star is easily shown to be a child with a round face. I love it!!

    1. I mean, technically there is a svtfoe movie.

      Remember the Battle for Mewnie? It was a two hour Season 3 premiere special. When it first aired in July of 2017, it was aired as one very large episode of svtfoe, or a “movie” It could also be viewed as just 8 episodes, but man that was an incredible premiere to season 3!

    2. Doctor Discord

      I think your getting something wrong or I’m reading it wrong but SVTFOE is not related to the song on the MLP movie it’s all a fan animatic

      Sorry if I’m reading it wrong or ifs a joke

    1. Me too and ill get a Snookers bar and some corn. oh did i forget the rainbow narwhal soda? XD(honestly i was kidding i would really pay to see this!)

    1. the movie isn’t that great but it isn’t that bad either
      her backstory was about how people left her out for having a broken horn and honestly it’s kind of underwhelming.

  7. Wow. This is an amazing animatic. And this song sounds like it’s from a good play!

    *googles the title*

    *sees My Little Pony*


    Wat? O-o

  8. Guess the High Commission screwed up real badly. They truly brought the monster out in Meteora. Had they left it be, Meteora wouldn’t have been this ferocious with pent up anger and everything having been lied to and locked out of Mewni’s history of the butterflies. So this anamatic just fits well with the story tbh. Wonderful job

  9. Toffee and Rasticore look so majestic with the flying dragons above. I always wondered if the septarians are related to dragons. They are pretty much immortal, like dragons. <3

  10. *And as you Take that first Step upon a Path that’s on your own you see it all so clearly the best way to survive is all alone*

  11. Wow you really did a fantastic job with this, I love it! Everything feels very believable and fits great with the song‘s atmosphere!
    I always enjoy discovering new and talented animatic artists on YouTube yay :3
    Keep up the great work, I hope to see more stunning animatics from you in the future <3

  12. This is amazing, especially if its your first animatic, I cant wait to see more of your work further in the future this is just amazing! <3

    1. No, she’s still alive because she stole the life forces of the princesses at saint olga’s. it kept her young. Did you even watch the show?

    1. When you’re right—you’re right. This backstory *is* much more engaging, cooler, and well developed than the one in the movie.

  13. II feel like this song goes well with every single cartoon that involve a sad past. Meteora in Star vs the force of evil or Yellow / Blue diamond in Steven Universe

  14. Alright. I saw the song title and thought, «Yes. Let’s see.» After watching, I thought, «YES! This is Awesome!!» I love it from beginning to end! The ending was best, Meteora turning into her monster form. Sister took the throne. I could seriously see that happening if the show went in that direction. And I want people to be perfectly honest… Who got chills when Meteora opened the window. And who started crying when Meteora dropped her doll?! I was like, «OH! The doll!» Heartbreaking part, Eclipsa and Meteora separation. Meteora awakening her inner monster. I think I would have liked to see the green flames move and see that fat king burn to a crisp. Other than that… This is a work of art. I try to imagine it in color, and not saying it wouldn’t work, but this is so much better. If you have seen another video called «Persephone», you would understand why this style is absolutely the best!! Ссылка?v=vPGOkziFRS4 BRAVO!!

  15. What the heck??? Only 82k views?!? If anything it deserves much more! This fits so well with the shows story line, and the song is really good for a mlp movie song lol

    1. Animatic Toffee is just a successful warlord.

      Show Toffee is a «Dead» Puppetmaster.

      I’ll take warlord any day.

      Those you can defeat with a McGuffin.

  16. This is so amazing already,imagine if it had color and the art was finished then this will be over amazing,and this will be remembered throughout YT history

  17. The part where Meteora flings the curtain open and where butterfly sees the army marching outside the window. It packs a punch and is my favorite part!! This whole animation, although unrefined , leaves you to fill in the unfinished places and admire the beauty of it in a new way, it’s refreshing. Thank you Jeykeyblue.

  18. This HAS to be one of the best animatics I’ve seen here on youtube. The characters, background, animation was all done so beautifuly. Not enough people put details in the background these days.

  19. I can see this happening in the series if it went this way if eclipsa was able to raise meteora like she should of but in this animation she was able to only till she was about 5 years old until her monster half started to show but it seems clearly just because Meteora was deferent from all the other mewmans because she was half of something that they hated a monster eclipsa had to save meteora by sending her away for her own safety and be separated from her daughter like that and see her own mother be taken away by the guards and have who know what happens in this version something worse then being put in a crystal maybe even being put to Death for giving birth to a heir that is half monster

  20. Take this as a compliment but this reminds me of a Disney type of backstory you did a great job expressing the emotions of stars mother? Sorry i don’t watch that much of svtfoe

    wonderful job i love this interpretation of her backstory it was beautifully animated and i felt like crying during 1:27-2:25

  22. Okay, can I just say that not only is every frame in this beautifully drawn but this animatic is surprisingly inventive (way more than the original might I add)?? Like, a lot of animatics just have characters standing around vaguely lipsyncing to the song, but this has clever new shots and actions that fit well with the music and tone and also tell a story!!! I’m just in love with this in every possible way! Thank you so much!!

  23. I’m just here to tell you how much I liked the way you treated this arc backstory, you really make it feel more personal, an even bigger cause of the army, Rasticore and Tofee, also you drawing style is pretty majestic and epic (if that’s a way to express it). I hope you keep doing an amazing work.

  24. I really do think that if Meteora was actually raised by Eclipsa and Globgor she’d be a great queen and not evil at all, since she’s only all rampagy because the thrown was ripped away from her family. And meteora becoming queen would make the mewmans and monsters alias. Also amazing animatic! Its so nice looking and has a lot of detail

  25. This is amazing! The animation flows so well and tells a verry cohesive and compelling narrative!
    As much as I loved what they did in the actual show, I kinda wish this was this happened instead! It really amazes me that this is your first animatic.

    With all that said though, I would suggest changing the location of the flashback from Butterfly caste to Globgor’s monster temple for a stronger connection to canon.
    You don’t have to, though! This is still a great animatic how great AU idea!

    Well, I’m done. Hope you actually read this instead of sipping over the wall of text I probably just made.

  26. Your art is so beautiful! This song fits so well and honestly your backstory is so much better than what happened on the show. I love that you included toffee too!!!! Is he the General of Meteoras army? Amazing job.

  27. :’v oie! Quedo genial! C:
    Pero, me saco de onda miss geinuss xdxd adulta, fue como…tipo anime? Pero esta cool, solo se me hizo distinta xD pero me gusta c:

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