Painting a Tiger Eye & art chat — Lachri Livestream

Join me in a real time acrylic painting demonstration showing how to paint a realistic tiger eye. I’m using acrylics but the tips I’m showing you can be applied to …. тигр как нарисовать фото

10 Replies to “Painting a Tiger Eye & art chat — Lachri Livestream”

  1. Wow! What an amazing drawing and coloring you have performed! It’s outstanding. I appreciate your talent.

  2. Thanks for all your advice Lisa, I enjoyed this live video. I’m watching again as it was too early just after 2am here when I turned in before. I have always and usually create using artists pencils sometimes watercolour, but I haven’t painted with acrylics before and hadn’t realised you can get such realistic results with them. In my head I associated acrylic paint with rougher impressionistic style and brush marks. You’ve inspired me to try this medium.
    It’s interesting and great to see your painting pallet here now too.

  3. Lisa i know this is random but I really recommend you to buy the Mars Lumograph BLACK 8B pencil. Its very matte and black.

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