Panda Love — The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers PETS — Ep 7 (Cats & Dogs)

The Sims 4 Raising YouTubers returns …AS PETS with the new Sims Cats & Dogs expansion!! In this episode, we try to find trash panda Oli love.. как нарисовать 4 кошки

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  1. Yaasss another video! Btw, you’re da best! And I went to Oli’s recent video, and i posted a comment that said: Trash Panda! If you know what i mean let me know!”

  2. Laruan do the bang irl meme when you go to your pets and hold up the gun (with your hands) and say bang and see if they play dead and recorded ps. Its trash panda time: DENNANANNANANANANANANNANANANANAN TRASH PANDA!!!!!!

  3. Because it’s already Christmas (ITS NOVEMBER PEOPLE)
    I’ve decided to sing a song, dedicated to the cats and dogs in this season.
    You know oli and Scott and Joey and Sasha
    Lizzie and Joel and Calum ,
    But do you recall,
    The most famous youtubers of alllllll
    Lauren the Z side tuber,
    Has some galaxy haiiiirrrrrr,
    And if you ever saw it,
    You can see the universeeeeeee
    All of the other tubers,
    You to laugh and leave the sideeee,
    They never let poor Lauren,
    Go to any tuber consssss,
    Then one starry galaxy night,
    YouTube came to saayyyyyyyy,
    Lauren with you vids so nice,
    Won’t you run YouTube tonight?
    Then all the other youtubers loved you,
    And they shouted out with collabsssssss,
    Lauren, the galaxy hair Z sider*inhales*

  4. Maybe you have to make Oli («trash panda») and the red panda like each other (like friends) and then give them the catnip?

  5. You should put the pet breeding trait on Bobby’s lot so when they do have babies it’ll be a lot of them!

  6. Lauren: U have desk with only a lamp? Who doesn’t have a desk without a computer anymore!?
    Me: I don’t have a computer on my desk….

  7. Oli the trash panda will be forever remembered in the history of the Sims 4. He’s the most famous trash panda to ever roam, uh, the famous Z-Side community. You must respect him with great dignity.

  8. Lauren: I’m teaching him how to play dead!
    Joey: *flops over*
    Lauren: Good boy!
    Joey: *is actually ded*
    Lauren: o crap I murdered him

    • I believe that it wouldn’t be an option for them to mate, if the red panda was a male, since she first wanted the galaxy cat to mate with Trash Panda, but it wouldn’t let her, sooo I think red panda is a female.

  9. Lauren you need to have a great relationship with the pets to encourage to mate and when the hearts are around them you check on the female cat and go on the sign that said encourage to mate with and if it does say a fixed cat cant be mated or its been recently mated with a another cat that means the female is going to have kittens in 24 hours I think and thats what I think you need to do to have kittens

  10. Can you please add aphmau to a family I’m begging you pleaseeeeeee and if you do yah I have a lot of fave. youtubers

  11. Can you make StacyPlays into an animal? You can model her after her dogs or Milquetoast!!! (‘v’)/

  12. Lauren do a series were you are a animal with the mod were you control them also get the mod for you bendy and the ink machine series

  13. » Aww seepee, you look so cute while sleeping.» — Lauren

    Just let that run in your head for a bit..

  14. this is not my name I don’t think that, if an animal is neutered, that it’ll even allow them to breed in the sims because, the option wouldn’t pop up for the animal (that’s what I think at least)

  15. The yt stream house in the beginning has pets that look like the ones lizziania made like evi and pikachu

  16. It’s YouTube, no one cares if you use proper grammar or not. Also you are a hypocrite because it should be «The correct grammar» not «And, that CORRECT grammar»

    • Sorry to burst your guys’ bubbles but she probably won’t be adding anymore youtubers because her more than 8 people in the household mod makes her game really laggy. And also, she isn’t close to Dan and Phil at all, so having them in her series won’t really make sense. Maybe she’ll add them to the fishbowl of famous youtubers, who knows.

    • +ᴀɴɢᴇʟʏ ᴍæ wow you obviously don’t listen at all! she litterly said «I might will be adding some people to Bobby’s house.»

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