35 thoughts on “Persona 5 anime does something good

    1. I saw that, it was very noticeable, because the action is so choppy and unpolished, and then we get 2 secs of something smooth, how did they think they could hide it?

  1. I was so excited for Persona 5 Anime to come out based on the video game. Cause other Persona Anime did really good based on the video games. Than i started judging the P5 Anime badly, which i don’t usually do an Anime like that right off the back. But than i learned that like other Persona Anime i seen and played, there not always gonna be like the Video Games. And there gonna be different. Than i started learning to like this Anime for what it is. Though it could be a little more flashy as the Video Game is. But all in all i give the Persona 5 Anime a 8.5/10 I really did like the P5 Day Breakers OVA Episode for being exactly like the video game though. Cause that part is based on a Momentos Mashima side mission. Sorry for any bad spelling here. We all make mistake

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