Playset with Sea Animals Aquarium Fun Play Toys for Kids Learn Wild Animal Names

Playset with sea animals. Watch me catch sea animals with my fishing net in the aquarium. Learn about wild animal and their names. Fun play toys for kids.. дикие кошки как их нарисовать

63 Replies to “Playset with Sea Animals Aquarium Fun Play Toys for Kids Learn Wild Animal Names”

  1. Lets see — we have need for Nemo for sure … and perhaps also Ariel 😛

    Haha I’m surprised WHY Godzilla isn’t here — he does afterall also live in the ocean 😉

    • Well maybe its time to have SUPA-FISH 😛 or even better why not get a King Triton or Ariel or even DC’s Aquaman or Marvel’s Namor to protect the fish? OR SUPA FREDDIE FISH 😛

      HAHAHAHA or your own Godzillas to protect them SUPA KERRY

      Once more Foomzilla consults 😛

      Did I tell you in 2000 or 2001 I once saw 2 kids disturbing the fish on a fish tank when it said PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE FISH — they deliberately changed it to PLEASE DO DISTURB THE FISH 😛 XD


  2. I want Megalodon and great white Shark to destroy prehistoric Marine Reptiles in the next collection.

  3. Hey, Kerry (or Carrie, idk) it’s your old pal, Anthony Kerber! As you can see, I have a new YouTube channel via my «new» phone! I had to abandon my old channel (which is still up for some reason) for a reason that will not be explained. With all that being said, you would probably be so amazed if you were at my place, because I have more toys by Schleich. Oh, and I have listening to a lot of heavy metal and classic rock lately. I hope didn’t make you too upset :(!

    • SuperFunReviews Oh, and one more thing: I’m planning to start a rock’n’roll band! I know how to play guitar now, I just want to have the standard E tuning so that I can jam on some chords.

  4. Хуйня, а не видео по Русски говоря 😀
    Если Русские читают то согласятся со мной)

    • Некоторые русские зрители, которые хотят улучшить свой английский, попросили их

    • The Sea animals can be bought online

      The brands are Schleich, Papo, CollectA, Bullyland, Safari , Mojo and Animal planet

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