Prehistoric Sharks — Featuring Megalodon — The Kids’ Picture Show (Fun & Educational Learning Video)

Animals Series: Prehistoric Sharks — featuring megalodon, helicprion, cretoxyrhina and many more! See the first shark video here: Ссылка Follow …. как нарисовать доисторических животных

208 Replies to “Prehistoric Sharks — Featuring Megalodon — The Kids’ Picture Show (Fun & Educational Learning Video)”

  1. the water sounds like someone ate a microwave burrito and had to go to the restroom #pray4toilets

  2. Bubbling noise was extremely obnoxious and unneeded. This is a dull video in general — no attempts to make it interesting were made except for the bubbles which was stupid anyway

  3. Um Seriosly You forgot Dunkleostues Really in the normal one no Basking no Whitetip no jaws no
    Two headed shark no Blue shark no mako WOW I KNOW ALL THE SHARKS

  4. cool vid, but why’s the music have to sound so dangerous. does not help the image of the shark. they aren’t scary creatures.

  5. Megalodon is the biggest shark to have ever lived , and can kill a great white shark , blue whales , whale shark , bull sharks, ( enemy Megalodon )

  6. This is awesome my history is good but this is wow and and the helicoprion is like a mutant goblin shark and I’ve seen some of these sharks in the Jurassic park game HOW COOL

    • +IamIPHONE 😀 placoderms and sharks are different families. Dunkleosteus was a placoderm, not a shark. I already said he wasn’t a shark, but it looks like these days, people base all their evidence on Hungry Shark World. It’s a good game, but in no way accurate.

    • Dunkleosteus is a placoderm so he’s in the armord fish group. Sharks are chondrichthyes so their whole body is cartilage with no armor but dermal denticles.

  7. are you going to do the prehistoric crocodiles with the tube toys? I ask this because you did the sharks with the tube toys.

  8. What about the dunkleosteus? You missed it! it’s larger than the great white and arthropleura and the meganeura

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  10. I like how you make videos to teach kids stuff that kids aged 8 or 9 doesn’t know. and I watch your videos because I miss them. I’m 9 years old

  11. Hey megalodon in 60 meter and prehistoric look like in the game hungry shark evolution rename is alan destroyer of world

  12. Prehistoric sharks are…
    And Megalodon.

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