Public Place Chaos — The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers PETS — Ep 10 (Cats & Dogs)

The Sims 4 Raising YouTubers returns …AS PETS with the new Sims Cats & Dogs expansion!! In this episode, we add another YouTuber AND Joel Runs Away?. как нарисовать 4 кошки

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  1. me: Does Lauren and Bobby have a ship name? They probeley do…. eh i’ll just make one up..lets se..hmmm..oh i know!

    Lobby! oh….uhh..wait

  2. Omg, who else is early! And by the way this is so funny! Everyone sing the cat song a comment meow to honor Lauren!


    Yass so relaxing, chanting of the catsss - Lauren 🙂

  4. 520 view before 1000
    LOVE YOU LAUREN YOUR THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER!!! With Aphmau and Claire Soibhan
    The pets take the bowl when they are hungry I don’t know where they put them

  5. I have anxiety! But when I watch you I don’t feel stressed as much, because when I’m watching YouTube people can’t call me and mostly my FRIENDS stress me

  6. Hey Lauren do you think you could do a nightmare before Christmas series and I know everyone is going to say that you only do games but…it does have a game so ha!

  7. The only reason I am able to watch this now is because I got too sick at school. So.. win? Or lose? Because I.. i may have puked at school….. NOT IMPORTANT.

    • Hailey WolfLover I think she doesn’t know Aphmau/Jessica in real life but if she knows her then she would have added her in the next ep not to be rude just saying

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