Rainbow Cuteness — The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers as PETS — Ep 2 (Cats & Dogs Expansion)

The Sims 4 Raising YouTubers returns …AS PETS with the new Sims Cats & Dogs expansion!! See how far I can get raising 8 of my fellow YouTubers in cat, dog …. как нарисовать 4 кошки

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  1. this morning I woke up early woke my mom up waited in front if target for 10 mins waiting for it to open. ran in and bought the Sims cats and dogs.

  2. THIS IS THE BEST I WAS WAITING SINCE MIDNIGT IOVE THIUES YAY YAY YAY YAY YAYVYA I especially love the pets I hope you love then too and Oli get a life and be a nice pet and Seepekay also SOOO CUTE

  3. When I saw this I screamed so loud our neighbor called to ask what was wrong XD I love this series so much!

  4. If u can do a quick create a pet of a galaxy version of Dexter? So like u get Dexter’s breed and make the colors galaxy! Love u Lauren ♫♥

  5. Literally the most cutest thing~
    Can you make fences in Sims? If so, that could really help keep them in track while outside

  6. Hey please like this comment because when I was watching this video I just got message one of my best friends died in a car accident

  7. So cute! By the way up have to empty out the litter boxes, the machine only cleans them it doesn’t empty them.

  8. U can get an auto feeder and set up a schedule for an hour u just have to fill it every few times its a lot easyer

  9. LaurenzSide: “Oli’s such the odd one out”
    Me: theodd1sout…

    I thought I was the only one who thought of this lol

    If you agree please leave a like…………………

    • Oscar Cheetham respect Lauren, she is doing the best she can! Be thankful that she even is making videos! You shouldn’t be asking for more of them! It takes a bunch of time to make so great videos! Soo… you can demand more videos (and they will be bad) or respect Lauren like a real Z-sider and get amazing videos! Its your choice

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I love your videos so much you always make my day a hole lot better so thank you so much

  12. Listen, I love how you made your animals colorful, but make them look realistic AND colorful. For example: make the animals have realistic belly fur, spots, etc.

    • Hi, i’m not sure if you’re new or not..But Lauren tends to make them look like an actual character, rather then making them look ‘normal’ She will probably re-design them in the future though 🙂

    • You can’t give them belly fur, unless you change their entire fur type. And besides, they’re based off of humans, of course they’re not gonna look »realistic».

    • ShookLikeJungkook No, I’m not new. It’s just I personally find it weird to have the animals just one color. Like Yammy, for example, she has black markings on her ears, and paws. What I mean is that maybe she could
      Make them more than one color.

    • Okay, I apologize for assuming that you’re new. But Lauren will probably upgrade them in the near future, most likely when they grow up. In all the Sims4 series I have seen her do, she does eventually change their look a little. 🙂

  13. Lauren you should collect all the poop in your inventory and at the end of the series you should see how much poop you have lol! Love you Lauren-Senpai noticed me!!!!!!! Edit: OMG THE LIKES THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I want the pets expansion pack but I’m too poor lol ;-; I didn’t even pay for the actual sims game, my friend bought it

    I need to wait two years until I get get a fluffing joB-

  15. Lauren, you should build a fence around your house and a doggie door so they can let them selves out and also their are self filling food dishes.

  16. Poop collection quest!
    By the end of the series you would have to collect a certain amount of poop and then the series would be complete!!

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