Shanghai Dragons vs San Francisco Shock | Overwatch League Highlights OWL Stage 4 Week 5 Day 4


This Overwatch gameplay highlights the Shanghai Dragons versus the San Francisco Shock from the fourth day of Week 5 Stage 4 in the Overwatch League …. как нарисовать дракона в профиль

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    1. Andrés L. Because he still going to get paid for the first season. He hasn’t got banned and wasn’t able to perform in scrims in the whole season so he’s not getting put on. So why not put him on the bench.

    1. DailyBits its not just that.. didnt you see architect flank on mccree in the middle of the whole team and he did not die.. i thought shanghai was getting better but they are so behind other teams. Its like they have no focus fire. Of course this problem is seen more when they dont focus fire the pharah. But its not only pharah, they cant focus fire anyone

  1. takes a certain type of low life to tea bag these guys, its not bad enough they lost every single game but really bad sportsmanship to tbag these guys

    1. Randy Wilson it aint the 1st time tho, carpe did it as well after a tracer 1v1. Happens all the time in every sport so no need to feel bad for SHD

  2. Zee Pac these are not the best chinese players in the world there’s much much better players in the Chinese contenders, but the Shanghai staff is corrupt af

    1. Baaz lil They threw so hard against Mayhem… They could have won that match. Well, I guess they let the pressure get to them and got too nervous.

  3. Now we can really say it’s 0:40. Not just 0:4, but really 0:40 :p

    Also, at the end of the match «..they will be back next season ..». Not sure. If I was to invest in something which was THAT bad, I’d stop. And find better place to use my money. So even if they will be «back next year», I’d expect that would be a completely different team with the same name.

    1. dellecross the amount of fanfare brought about from the loss streak will make the investors loads. Even if the team is bad it’s worth the investment

    2. I agree with the person above the shd gained a big fanbase because of them being the underdogs giving the investors tons of money from merch and all

  4. Funny how all these lil kids think they’re are some pro. No player or team in the OWL is bad if they’re a bad team or player they wouldn’t be in the owl in the first place

    1. RektByMitch98 maybe you should do some research first before typing… They almost certainly do not deserve to be an OWL team as there are many other teams in contenders that deserve a spot in OWL and would easily run over Shangai. Shanghai has lost a lot of respect from everyone until they get better players from China because they do exist but seriously do your research….

    2. Dark Reaper every one in the owl are amazing they’re all the top 1% of players maybe they’re the worst team in the owl but they’re still better than you and me and every one else in the comments

  5. Sonic The Hedgehog
    Those weren’t the best players that China has to offer which was one of the controversies surrounding the shanghai dragons during the early stages of owl.

  6. The number of times I’ve seen the tanks diving the shanghai supports and geguri is off peppering a winston bubble lmao. Worst off tank in the league.

    1. Smug love that’s what I mean. Of course she’s a top 500 player and has the basic aim down but her game sense is super low. She does a lot of damage but that’s because she spends so little of her time protecting her team, and then people think she’s good just because her stats are high. Like the Moira who brags about gold elims meanwhile they weren’t healing and the team lost

  7. at this point i think SHD is not only bad, not even a pro team, but also guess this team used some unfair means to get into the league it doesn’t deserve to be in

    how else can such a bad team exist in the league??

  8. chat was going on and on about Geguri deserving better.. i don’t see it, she’s overrated af.. she might have a good Zarya on ladder but her is way below mid tier, she can’t even peel and keep his healers alive let alone get consistent dive kills

  9. If I were Iddqd, I’d feel insulted being subbed on at the very last map, of the last game of the season, against the worst team in the league. That just shows the Shock were only willing to give him a chance when there was absolutely nothing to lose (since they already won the game after map 3).

  10. Here is my opinion, as one of the earliest OW player and one of the SHD fans.
    Let’s start from the original team. From the very first beginning, the team members are not even the best players in China. The 2 tanks are just pretty good in CN server but not best at all, the 2 best ones are the ones in 2017 world cup team china. Also Eileen and Leave, 2 of the best dps were not selected as they were under 18. The healers are not very top players as well, and again the best ones were 17 at that time. So overall the players are just not good enough in the first case. Then lets’s talk about the strategies. When Roshan and MG were present, the most frequent strategy used was DIVE, which, at that time, has not been a very optimal way of battling, but the coach U14 keeps running it again and again omfg…So shd was horrible at that time. Also there’s another reason. Do you remember how ** the environment was when comp mode came out from a few seasons. This toxic environment and the rising up of Fortnite and PUBG directly attracts too much attention from prof players. And Chinese live gaming industry was EXTREMELY POPULAR so this leads to quick and huge drop in live OW gaming, so fewer and fewer profs played OW even LEAVE, one of the best CNOW player, left!!!
    After a few weeks some left and Koreans friends came to help. Geguri, Ado, Fearless and Daenium were pretty good. To be specific, Ado is a really good dps player and Geguri being a top tank, Fearless was decent and Daenium was ok. In fact the Koreans friends, especially Geguri gained a lot of population from CN and SHD fans. However things still didnt go well. WHY?
    Here’s my analysis. 3 problems in total.
    1.Healers still not stable enough. The healers improved a bit but still not good enough. Freefeel is as aggressive as JJonack but he freeFEED TOO MUCH, altering was generally ok…A team without stable healing cant survive. Why NYC played well throughout the time? Cuz every position’s player does their job in a consistent and stable way. SKY was better than freefeel but he didnt play a lot damn!
    2. Dps players are consistently playing well, key kills are so hard to achieve. In many matches we saw DIYA carried a lot, but he is not a consistent player. I’m not blaming him as he has tried soooo hard. In fact I really admire DIYA. Look at the other chinese players. Fiveking, Undead Roshan MG… they were all subject to the great pressure from losing games and left the team, but
    DIYA IS THE ONE WHO HOLD THE DOOR!!!(as well as altering and freefeel, but freefell should have left :))
    However, he’s still not good enough, maybe because of less assistance from teammates, which prevented him/the team from getting key kills.
    3. I personally think this is the most important reason why SHD still struggles, it is the communication!!!!!!!! If you look at the way these players sit when they played, you can see the 3 Koreans sit together and 3 Chinese players sit together all the time. This must mean something, they didnt talk and support a lot. And it has been heard that the team communication was mixing Korean, Chinese and English…OMFG this is the most horrible way to communicate!!! I have seen a video about how Geguri and Fearless tried to say in chinese «the enemy Zen has the ult» in chinese lol….and this results from an embarrassing problem, many chinese dont wanna learn other languages to communicate(a little bit lazy and shy) and they would like to form they own «circle». It’s not always the case but it’s really common(I’m not this type, I’m Chinese as well).

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