SLUG MOLLY? | DBD Gameplay Part 127

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114 Replies to “SLUG MOLLY? | DBD Gameplay Part 127”

  1. First
    Dear wade can you pls see this
    you have been my idol for forever
    can I pls have a shout out

    (Pls like)

    • I’m happy with the pacing of his uploads, personally. If he uploads DBD too often, 3 things are gonna happen:
      1. Too much of a good thing.
      2. His channel’s going to be oversaturated with these.
      3. The rest of his content will get overshadowed.

  2. Hi! Im a big fan and have been for a long time just wanted to say your an amazing Youtuber and you light up my day when you post!

  3. LordMinion777 an awesome YouTuber but I wouldn’t say he’s the best not hating on you LordMinion777 but I like Markiplier just a little more u r a close second

  4. 11 minutes since the video was uploaded, and I clicked to watch.

    I can see people who posted 10 minutes before that.

    Do they just constantly press the refresh button?

    Do they just stare for notifications?

    Truly, a question to be answered.

    Gonna watch the vid first though.

  5. isn’t that Dlive? I don’t see the link to his channel in the description and I just wanted to point it out. But for those who don’t know him, I’d check him out he is very cool 😀

  6. Wade what are your dogs’ names and maybe could there be a video showing them. Pwease!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you and molly!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. so Im new to this game when playing is there any dialog from the killer or the ones surviving other then pain sounds? or is it just silence while u play?

  8. The only thing wade is good at in this game is urban evasion-ing around the map and not helping his team…

  9. OOOOOH Wade speaking of SCPs can you guys play the SCP Containment Breach multiplayer game? Have Mark play with you too since he has played the older single player version a lot, and needs a reason to play it again.

  10. Wait…… is dlive the new Dan? Bc in the description it says the people who played with wade:Molly, gar, nin, and dan……… or am I just getting crazy.

  11. Salt movies!! Salt: Reloaded, Salt: Overload, Salt: The Sprinkling, The AssSalt, Salt Meets Whine, The Salt and the Partially Screwed on Cap (In reference to 5:58 in the video)

  12. Oh Wade, speaking of SCP stuff, you should check out the new Unity remake of SCP Containment Breach. They’re working on adding classic and new SCPs to it, and so far it’s looking really good.

  13. These have become so boring now. You guys don’t even focus on the game. You just ramble on about other shit which takes and suspense and excitement put of the videos

  14. The birds and the gods, the demons and the bees. =) All that and more on the Wade variety show with LordMinion777 and his friends. =)

  15. It’s funny that you talk about girl scout cookies because I’m a girl scout and we don’t sell cookies to make money.

  16. You watched John’s SCP videos, Wade? Awesome! You should watch more of his stuff, he has some pretty neat playthroughs.

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