555 thoughts on “Solving Your Strange Job Problems | Ear Biscuits

    1. Luca Puglisi — while comments like this might not add incredible insights into the human condition or the issues of the day, they are cheerfully posted in good will and I know this particular one made at least one person’s day momentarily brighter: mine.

      On the other hand, your efforts on behalf of one stranger to tell other strangers that the the first stranger might not like a particular comment seems like a huge waste of time. And because it seems to matter to you, it seems like Rhett would probably think your comment was even less to his taste than the original one!

    2. Sharklops I just found it funny that he explicitly said that these types of comments are bad and these people keep commenting this type of stuff on his videos.
      Besides, how did that improve your day? It’s just empty words from someone who you took weight from by calling a stranger.

  1. Link the reason your my favorite is bc you’re the only one that didn’t completely spaz out when that paper ball lighting thing fell. LOL

    1. Well it was Rhett’s cup that got knocked over and it spilled water on his phone and equipment. Also obviously the crew is going to jump into action and get water off the equipment while Link could give 2 shits. .

    1. Why do you need to tell them what to do? They are enjoying themselves and so are most of the people here. If you think they should stop then just stop clicking on the video because they will listen to view counts more than comments and you don’t waste as much time! It’s a win win situation!

  2. I think The Duck Song is funny because the viewer goes on a journey of thinking the duck is dumb, then that he is being annoying, then that he is actually innocent. However, he then gets a grape, but wants store bought lemonade instead. So was he annoying, dumb, or innocent? We don’t know, and neither does the owner of the lemonade stand. The humor also comes from how infuriated this guy gets with a duck that’s not really doing anything wrong, which mirrors how young people see adults in authority. Sorry if I just killed the funny.

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