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Learn to work that alter ego when faced with a boss who can’t remember your name. R&L give valuable advice to the Mythical Beasts’ work issues ranging from …. как нарисовать волка кейт

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    • Aves Original People say this all the time. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, and theyve been friends for over 30 years, theyre more like brothers. There’s bound to be tension sometimes. The people you love the most annoy you the most.

  1. Lace your chocolate cake with exlax that will stop them from stealing cakes and candies from cubicles lol

  2. Special love for us who listen to Ear Biscuits on soundcloud then watch the video every Saturday!!!

  3. WARNING RANDOM COMMENT link might relate to this

    This morning I woke up with my glasses on

  4. lol, ignorantainer

    also, something like what Link said would be an incredible burn if said to the low-singer earnestly: «Wow, that’s incredible. It’s not easy to sing slightly-off-key like that» The person will quit singing out of crippling shame.

  5. Listened to the podcast the kther day. Only watched this so i could see how bad it was when the light fell. Love you guys <3

  6. I used to have a douche bag boss who called me a different name so I always called him a slightly different name…drove him nuts he always corrected me I never corrected him

  7. My kids went through the grapes song and when I started dancing and singing along the song became less cool

  8. There are many sources of the strawberry, hard candies and they have been around, since I was a kid, in the 70s. Just Google «Strawberry hard candy».

  9. The gushy-center strawberry candies are available at Wal-Mart in their Great Value brand. I was kind of hooked on them for a few months a couple years back until they stopped carrying them for a while. Just yesterday I happened to notice they have them on the shelves again.

    *_HOT TIP: open the bag and pour the candies into an open container, as they only get better with time (note: there is no upper-limit to this process)_*

  10. My husband had a problem with people stealing food, even his lunch out of the fridge. So, he started licking the tops of the bread, backwashing into the open 2 liter bottle etc… and telling people that he did that. People stopped stealing his food.

    • He worked at Walmart. We couldn’t afford a car or a cooler. He couldn’t even afford to go buy something else to eat if someone stole his lunch. It might have been gross, for a day or two, but it fixed the problem and people stopped stealing his food.

    • I will never understand why people think that is okay. Shouldn’t it be considered theft and the person should be fired?

  11. I find myself wanting for EB episodes to be longer. Up to 1,5 h or 2 h. R&L’s conversation is just so captivating.

  12. The employee eating candy… could it be the janitor throwing food away?
    The sunflower seed one is an addiction. The question would be is, how to replace the addiction with something safe and quiet…like a strawberry candy with a liquid center.

    • Maggy Mayers The janitor shouldn’t be going through their desks though. Or even messing with their desk. They’re basically just supposed to empty the trash cans and vacuum.

  13. Sunflower seeds person…get you something even louder to nom on at work… I prefer eating pumpkin seeds ..clicking of the pen… eating carrots …popping of the bubble gum…drown out their annoyance with yours

  14. Link’s advice: Tell your coworker «I know how much you love sunflower seeds trust me, but I just wanted to say it penetrates my ear hole so hard.» I started laughing so hard when Link said that. Really enjoyed today’s episode!

  15. My husband started working at Walmart back when our Walmart wasn’t 24 hours. He worked at night, buffing the floors while others stocked shelves and whatnot. They used to figure out ways to scare each other, including, hiding in the clothing racks and jumping out at people.

  16. I just saw bags of those strawberry candies at Dollar Tree. That was always my favorite candy to catch at a parade.

  17. I thought it goes “Everything is awesome, when you’re living your dreams!” Is Link saying “jeans”?

  18. Ohhhh «The Duck Song» brings back memories! My daddy introduced that song to my boys, and they drove us all crazy with it. «bumbumbum…got any grapes?»

  19. A Duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said the the man running the stand. Hey. Got any grapes? Its called, «The duck song» There are a couple versions of it but the original came out 8 years ago. Im sure a lot of people have seen it.

  20. Hannah and her coworkers should get necklaces that say their names ! That way her boss has no excuse of getting their names wrong

  21. You can get those old fashioned strawberry candies in the brach’s bulk candy section in grocery stores… at least in the Midwest!

  22. for the sunflower seeds,just get a bag full of sunflower seeds and eat it as loudly as you can!!!,he will defenately be annoyed and he will understad what he is basicaly doing

  23. I believe you guys play the role of «trusted mentors» to us millennials. There aren’t too many of those for us these days.

  24. I lowkey would love a 2 hours+ EB like the H3 podcasts <3 just let it roll in the background while I work and the hours go by fast!

  25. No one can help me with my job, not even Rhett and Link. Sorry guys, but I work with some crazy fooooooools.

  26. Buy the guy a big bag of sunflower kernels (no shell). «Try these, they’re easier to eat and don’t make noise!»

  27. I think Rhett was trying to think of the “grain of salt” analogy when he was trying to say to take the advice with a grain of salt but he couldn’t think of it

  28. I watch just their faces when the shade falls. Rhett says «oh sh,/» and Link looks like he’s at Magic Mountain

  29. I love the extreme difference between how each of them reacted to the shade falling.

    Rhett sprang into action and took control while Link just sat there still talking.

  30. I know u can find the strawberry candies in the candy isle in most grocery stores. I know Walmart neighborhood market specifically carries them in the hard candy section in candy isle. Usually in bags hanging on wall

  31. This episode is why I’m so glad they decided to put it out in video format. I waited all week to see that dang light shade fall!

  32. «In this episode Rhet wets himself while Link is singing the duck song» this would have been a great clickbait

  33. YESS! I’ve been waiting since I listened on Monday for this to come out to see what the heck was going on!

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