Stuart Brown: Play is more than fun

Ссылка A pioneer in research on play, Stuart Brown says humor, games, roughhousing, flirtation and fantasy are more than just fun. Plenty of play in …. дерущиеся коты как нарисовать

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  1. I like the definition ‘PETA freaks’, it suggest there there are other kind of PETA supporters, which I am one of.

  2. A large part of the PETA foundation is just completely disconnected from the main public. They have no idea what the public opinion is and all they do is alienate them even further. Which is a real shame as the horrible treatment of animals continues, and allot of people would agree with most of their statement if they weren’t being such fanatical weirdos.

  3. Very good talk. Finally someone who goes as far to say that play is the very nature of life.

    Through intellectual concepts, things like survival, success, «purpose» have knocked play of its throne. And we pay the dearly price with our mental and physical well being. Just look at schools…

    Now that we have technology and machines who enhance our senses and do tedious work for us, we need to start the glorious play before the sun runs out. Survival and security become worthless once assured.

  4. «it suggest there there are other kind of PETA supporters, which I am one of.»

    I would propose a name for that kind of PETA supporter: «PETA morons.» Because I can’t see any other reason why a person would support PETA.

    PETA supports terrorism, they kill animals, and they think people should not be allowed to own pets. The only reasons I can think of for people to support that is that either they are nutjobs or morons.

  5. In the Q/A period he said «If you stop a cat from playing—batting stuff around with its paws, etc.—it becomes just as good a predator as if it had played.»

    I’d certainly like to see his «data» on that. It sounds like one of those BULLSHIT things that people say, that they have no real evidence for.

  6. lol i can imagine all these black marker points aimed at me and going «whoa, stand back! what are you thinking?»

  7. I breed rats for snake food and sometimes I keep a few as pets, and I watch their behavior…and they play CONSTANTLY. They jump and squeek and chase each other all over the cage. It’s amusing to watch.

  8. He didn’t say gays, he said «Gaze» lol.

    It means how something is looking at another. Predatory gaze, playful gaze etc.

  9. hahahah. Yes he’s a Nobel prize winning physicist. And that was him playing himself in the cameo on the Big Bang Theory. 🙂

  10. Yeah, the way you may pretend to be shooting each other and deaths don’t really mean anything in videogames is absolutely NOTHING like the cops and robbers or cowboys and indians the previous generation would have played.

  11. i have always thought this about play and having fun. I plan on reading some books on this for my kids.

  12. wow, you totally took that out of context and turned it into something it wasn’t. congrats on a completely bogus assumption.

  13. When I was a toddler still in nappies, my mom took me to our neighbours house. My neighbour had a german shepard chain on one side of his verandah. It would bark and strain at the leash, my mum was scared, but I rolled across the verandah and wrestled with the dog, even taking bones from its mouth. My mum was screaming at me to get away from the dog. I just said why? its my friend. My mum asked my neighbour to get me away from the dog, but he was scared of his own dog. Play for the win.

  14. Thank you for this wonderful video! I work as a drama therapist and I completely agree on the vital importance of play in our lives to maintain a healthy mental, physical and emotional health as individuals and part of the collective whole including at the work place. This is brilliant!

  15. So’s that certain vibration of energy !! So greatly needed in the physical and the spiritual xxx

  16. So in summary, it IS GOOD to be a player. Thank you for the evidence thats its GREAT to be a «player» lol

  17. shittt i dont know about you, but » i dont wanna be playaa nooo moreeee «actually ‘im not a player i just crush alot»

  18. 100% true! The problem is, that a lot of people who are in charge of our life (e.g. the guy at the other side of the table during a job interview) are not responding to play-signals like the Polarbear. They just kill you faster. Pitty…..

  19. This video affirms the adage «all work and no play…..» and how that idea is hindrance to our well being. I applaud the research and am learning to play again in my life. It allows me to laugh more, live more and release so many of the stresses that have accumulated in my «workaholic» lifestyle. Sales have improved and the interaction I have with others is far more fulfilling.

  20. Don’t get it. After saying how bad being a coach potato is (Bart Simpson) he then says that watching movies can be good and be referred to as play.

    Before I even watched this video I assumed he meant play as being outside, running around, laughing and enjoying yourself.

  21. @ticopride : depends of the game i guess. There’s a lot of different games out there.

    But e.g. Portal is an example of a game that I’m pretty sure is good for anyone to play through. It’s short, non-repetitive and intelligently fun.

  22. I loved this video. But I don’t like the term «serious play».

    Why not call it «sincere play» instead? The other is almost contradicting itself.

  23. So if I’m massively serious but every now and then blessed with being playful, anyone know how I can increase the FEELING of playfulness…………………?

  24. Unfortunate comments on the Bruegel.

    1. The painting dates from he second half of the 16th century, not the 15th.

    2. It’s called Children’s Games and depicts… children, completely invalidating the attempted argument.

    3. «I think this is a typical picture of what it was like in a courtyard then». Bruegel wasn’t a straightforward realist. He specialized in surreal, outlandish compositions intended to convey a moral message.

    Apart from that, I enjoyed the talk!

  25. @5packzach Movies are entertainment: The commodified negation of play (Susan Willis wrote an article about her trip to disney world).

  26. So many comments are superimposing a different definition of play on this video, not seeing what is common to all his examples, through all the categories of play: It is not about some throwback, pre-technology, outdoor, politically correct version of play, it’s not about how gleeful it is, it’s a developmental process of testing your physical, cognitive, social, and emotional abilities by trying out everything, engaging with the world in the widest variety of ways possible.

  27. I love this line that he makes «if it’s purpose is more important than the act of doing it then it is probably not play» as a person training to be in Early childhood That quote single single-single-handedly made me stop and think about how I practise play in a centre

  28. Integrating play with work and make it edge around fun is perhaps the key to a lost more issues in the industrial world….this is a spring board for that thought !


  29. All this wisdom yet we continue to spent hundreds of millions building/maintaining stadiums/ arenas and on athletes salaries to support only a small portion of our population that’s been given the golden opportunity to play.  Such athletes make more money than our most valuable members of society that contribute more such as doctors, scientists, etc.    Our entire system is backwards.  This money should be used to support sports and avenues of play that everyone can afford to be involved in at all levels and all ages.

  30. What if we turned human high-stakes negotiation into play, would we all laugh smile and in the end have made friends and agreed to have fun, not make wars? Thinking on the current Iranian-US nuclear negotiations

    • Well, I’ve always envisioned nations resolving disputes—instead of actual wars—in Battlefield matches. That way, both nations could still have a technical «war» but without all the consequences. Just a muse of mine…I highly doubt it will ever happen, unfortunately.

    • Yes, of have like robot-wars in a neutral location and donate the destroyed robots to non-profit groups to recycle. I like your thoughts on this MechWomanWarrior

  31. 14.00: «The basis of human trust is established through play signals, and we begin to lose those signals, culturally and otherwise, as adults»  The most profound thing he’s said is that a potentially lethal situation can be diffused through play signals.

  32. This is pretty neat and all, but Charles Whitman had a brain tumor. How much «playing» is needed to rid oneself of a brain tumor?

  33. (Eng) The life of this world is but play and amusement: and if ye believe and guard against Evil, He will grant you your recompense, and will not ask you (to give up) your possessions. Quran Muhammed/36
    (TR) Şüphesiz dünya hayatı ancak bir oyun ve eğlencedir. Eğer inanır ve Allah’a karşı gelmekten sakınırsanız, O size mükâfatınızı verir ve sizden mallarınızı (tamamen sarf etmenizi) istemez. Kur’an Muhammed/36

    Footnote: Ссылка

  34. Thanks! [TED]
    번역: Hyun Soo Kim
    검토: Dae-won Jeong
    감사합니다.!! 잘보았습니다.

    미래학자 정지훈 님의 책을 보다가 여기 까지 오게 되었네요..!!
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    놀이라는 생각만으로도 기분이 한결 편안해지는 느낌을 받네요..!!

    행복하세요..! 여러분..!!
    Be Happy ! Everyone..!! ^^

  35. «what does play do for the brain?» Play is serious. Nothing lights up the brain like play…executive ability increased, mobility, contexual intelligence. If you stop play in rats (who have the same neurotransmitters as we do, with a similar neurocortex), they withdraw and don’t come out again. Depression is the opposite of play. Trust is built up between those who play. Neoteny. Play fires up our imagination, fantasy. A transformative force, positive. Write a play history, then see if/how you can incorporate it in your life. From Play to Imagination. Flow.

  36. Our culture?? This is America where diversity is kind of OK not Europe where they hate everything that isnt white

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