The Forest — Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation

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9 Replies to “The Forest — Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation”

  1. Like!
    is there the possibility of having an art published in the creative Station?

  2. I never understood how these artists get these massive collections of stock images. Most of the time I see that they have just a folder of them, like I really need stock images to use….

    • ZeroCooly what do you mean? There are folders on specific themes on stock photography websites. Folders or collections on themes like flowers, b&w, budoir, cityscapes, landscape, etc

    • I mean name a few websites that won’t charge me a small fortune for a hundred stock images. Yes I’m aware there are websites that have such things, but the ones that are half decent cost money, or the free ones are raped with adware, restrictions, and «No collecting» policies.

    • ZeroCooly i use and because they don’t require fees for uploading. You also participate in some photo competitions and receive more insight. I can’t guarantee you will sell your art because I didn’t sell any of my photo yet

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