52 thoughts on “The Giant Moa

  1. Hi Chris Ricky Cribb here would love to use the first introduction of the my as part of Masters Degree this would be amazing as part of the earliar years of Maori in my documentary
    . I will credit The Giant Moa and those involved Chis let me know brilliant film!

    1. I’m sorry, have you seen what the African Warlords do to each other and their own people? Beige people aren’t perfect but the fact we can sit here talking about this at all without either of us being maimed for it is testament to the fact that most of beige people are trying and they aren’t all as bad as you make them out to be.

  2. Im from the island this bird lived on there were many species of moa and sightings have been documented up until recently times. There was a giant tree lizard that was usually followed the giant moa quite close and a giant eagle that hunted the moa.

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