107 thoughts on “The Hate For Dragon Ball Super EXPLAINED!

    1. 9 times outta 10, it won’t be canon. I think it’s just something to keep fans occupied until the DB Super movie is released in December.

  1. It does suck has no power levels or scaling lots of asspulls super dragon ball heroes hope its better gt z and dragon ball far better than super too many forms and recolors they should have stuck with regular super saiyan

    1. maxdrags3 Every Ztards says that Super have a bunch of asspull. For example they said that Super Saiyan Rage Trunks was a asspull but its not. Its just his rage that all the things he went through. It not like he got that transformation for no reason.

    1. Toshi yea idk about that but just didn’t realize it because most ppl I talk to enjoy it and seeing fan reactions on YouTube seems like a big number of them enjoyed it idk I thought it was good not as good as Z but way better than GT

    2. TheInfamousAyejay debatable… But mostly hate came from inconsistent animation, skewed powerscaling, unwanted dragging of arcs and first 27 episodes of fillers (recap of movies) …
      Personally I love Super Dub… Sub version kinda made me hate Goku as he sounded like a bitch most of the time…

  2. Dragonball super’s power scaling is just rediculous.first the SSJ God was said to be the most powerful super saiyan which rivals the powers of the god, then here comes the SSJ Blue which is now more «powerful». Then here comes brollys ripoff transformation green hair which trashes the god for( yeah i get tha idea that hes exhausted anything but shouldnt blue still be more powerful its a stronger form of super saiyan god afterall). They trash the other competitors from universe 6 and give them women too much credit, they were able to transform not by having a » pure ideology» (like goku and almos all super saiyans) them two girls are able to transfom just by making their backs tingle, are you serious? Like seriously, did you really that think vegeta and other saiyans have not thought about doing that before, thats probably one of the first things theyve ever tried. Still live dragonball tho ill still watch it, i love Z and GT thats my childhood right there.

  3. It sucks for gt fans and gohan fans and yamcha fans also. Super may not be better than Z in some aspects but the villians like Zamasu and Frieza and the universal survive tournament arc finally proves and fulfilled many dragon ball fans wishes and even set emotional tone that is more comparable to both Dragon Ball z and Dragon ball moments. Women finally turning to super saiyans but they put it in a way that you love those characters first when they was introduced but as time progesses and they eventually show their true intentions which is gaining all the possible saiyan transformations of what Universe 7 achieved. There some scenario that need to be fixed like adding another arc for Jiren, bringing back Gohan into back to his dragon ball z serious state, they should not recapture the events the super films because it was a giant waste of time for a beginning.

    1. Silver mix Its a fucking rainbow omg. The last transformation only bees can see the hair colour because its out of the interval of our visible radiation.

  4. The problem I have for Super is that it feels like it has no soul…..like it’s just there, *existing* .

    At some point in the show, I stopped caring. I didn’t care if they died or if they lived. I didn’t care for any of the fights, ’cause I felt they had no meaning. I didn’t care for any of the new characters, since my brain immediately recognized them as «dead fodder».

    1. WickedestFool you only say that cause you watched it as a kid and it’s your childhood anime series. Super was better than Z, it had better story (arguably), fight scenes, better fight coloring, better graphics, etc.

    2. Tshidiso Jay I’m 14 so I didn’t watch this as a kid. In fact, I watched Super first, so how about you ask instead of claiming I watched this when I was a kid.

  5. Too bored to watch the video
    But just saying,freiza becoming good in the future is nearly impossible and impossible toriyama and his group

  6. A big fail of Super was that they destroyed the whole point of an arc of Z, the Android arc. The whole point of that was to save Trunk’s timeline and for Trunks to grow as a person. Now that fight was completely useless as Zeno just got rid of that universe. There was good to the arc but was it worth destroying the completed story that Trunks had?

    1. light darksoul has it ever crossed your mind that maybe super is trying to be its own independent series, not being constantly compared to Z

    2. That makes no fucking sense, are you forgetting that Super is a continuation? It will always be compared to Z, it is the predecessor of Z for gods sake.

    1. Jadien Sanchez perhaps you should try being patient instead of judging too quickly, super is still new and in my opinion it did better GT

    2. Tshidiso Jay You say it did better than GT as if GR8 was good. Being matter than GT doesn’t mean super was good. It just shows the writers didn’t know what they were doing once again.

    3. Andre Jules
      dbz 8.7
      Dbs 8.5
      GT 6.9

      It did better than Naruto and most animated series

      So yeah…super did really great, sayin super sucks is just your opinion. The story was complicated, power scaling was just over there and etc but the show still made it work, it was amazing, it showed us new things. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe super is trying to be its own independent series, not being constantly compared to Z or living under its shadow

  7. You can’t hate on super soon it’s all going to end anyways and you just can’t top this the creators are getting older . Who on earth can top there ideas nobody period

  8. Jiren handled his clan’s death better than Sasuke did. Dbs had more awesome episodes than bad ones. The only reason you say dbs sucks it’s cause you never liked it in the 1st place. You’re just a Naruto fan, Naruto had bad episodes aswell just as many anime series do. No anime series is perfect. And to be completely honest dbs is better than z and it’s still going to develop even further. Dbs always overcome it’s problems.

  9. jevaun kerr so true bro and 4 made more sense cause you could see the different transformations he had to go through before he got 4 n when in 4 he back more aggressive cause his monkey side was kicking in so we tend to b alil evil THAT made sense but in super the they just train really hard and achieve god ki….the hell!!!

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