1 478 thoughts on “THE VOID BEAST! HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON #67 w/ Little Lizard

    1. Whiteowl101 plays They won’t use it for war if they have to ouu maybe it can protect dergens while little lizard is away also have you seen SCUBERING STEVE?

  1. The Eruptidon is not dangerous and i would keep it cause if your volcano ever erupts than the Eruptidon will keep the lava flow down.

  2. Resuce and bring the rare dragon you found back to the elemental Nation…Because if you dont they might get suck in the void!!!
    Like if you agree

  3. Jobs
    Fishing for fish for the dragons

    House making


    More people to make food

    saddle makers for the dragons
    more people for blacksmiths more recruits for the soldiers

  4. Eruptadon, likely, catistofic Quaker? Maybe! (I like to call em’ quakens) I have only herd of one, the one the great hiccup found on dark deep, it is a boulder class dragon.
    (Also I want to see little Kelly and Carly join

  5. The Eruptordon is a more or less peaceful and very loyal dragon. It will protect you if the volcano erupts by eating all the lava. You have to keep it!

  6. Little lizard you do have an eruptadon a nd it is classified as a boulder type Dragon who eats lava the eruptadon is a very kind but scary Dragon as long as you show that you mean no harm they also eat lava and will protect your nation if the volcano blows. I have an idea you should go visit the defenders of the wing they have dealt with eruptadons before they can help and about the bewilderbeast keep it tiny turtle has two so why not and it could be a powerful allies like if you agree little lizard should go visit the defenders of the wing

  7. Hey I just realized something that tiny turtle said he said that there were 5 different types of bewilderbeast you have found all five Ice fire zombie void and the white one but you didn’t tell us what the white bewilderbeast was what kind of bewilderbeast was the white one

    1. Night terrors can’t breath fire or anything so there is a leader that helps them to form a big dragon to scare of enemy’s (they can form anything)

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