Top 10 in How To Train Your Dragon


Top 10 dragons in How To Train Your Dragon including dragons from the new movie How To Train Your Dragon — The Hidden World. Comment your Top 10 …. видео как нарисовать дракона из как приручить

26 thoughts on “Top 10 in How To Train Your Dragon

  1. Here is some top 10 ideas
    Top 10 dragon city dragons
    Top 10 marvel future fight uniforms
    Top 10 marvel futute fight villains
    Top 10 injustice characters

  2. My fav dragons are
    Tripple strike
    Fireworm queen

    Dragon I hate/dont like
    All the dragons I didnt mention it XDDD especially razorwhip

  3. Uhhhh toothless is better than light fury also light fury isnt a type of dragon she is also a night fury but she can teleport and toothless can hide well also toothless is like the current king of dragons he is the only one that reached alpha stage and in the trailer he can even channel lightning

  4. Toothless need to be number 1 because he’s the alpha and he challenge the alpha as you can see in the end of how to rain your dragon 2 he challenge the alpha and make all dragon back it’s impossible in normal dragon HES AN CUTE ALPHA

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