32 Replies to “Warlock Esports Gaming Logo Speedart | Adobe Illustrator DaseDesigns”

  1. These videos are extremely helpful! Its always nice to look at the sketching process and understand how the logo idea was made up. Really loving the perspective on this logo man, keep it up!

  2. that’s cool. I draw with sketchbook pro and a basic tablet now, but if you go back and watch my first 3 videos you’ll see I used pencil and paper too. I didn’t buy a tablet until I made enough money selling logos to where I could finally afford one. Its not at all necessary or important, its simply just a luxury and does not make you any better lol. just wanted to make that very clear lmao

  3. bought sketchbook pro because of you and Its amazing how I improved my mascots because of the program and all the functions in it! you need to get yourself a promocode I would use it!

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