There are a few critical mistakes that keep good art from getting noticed and good artists from developing a fanbase! I used to sabotage myself terribly, and I …. как нарисовать анатомию дракона


  1. I usually just stop uploading my art on Deviantart or Facebook and shutdown. Sometimes I go weeks without drawing; This video helps, a lot and I do believe that this will help others. Anyways, have a good day, I love your content.

    1. leon loves sans Okay just shut up then, sometimes we are first and you are salty because you are not first, at least enjoy the vid and dont hate on people just to be rude, idiot.

    2. leon loves sans And if you can’t use the correct your then you shouldn’t be calling people a whore you 8 year old, learn to spell before you hate.

    1. See this kind of comment is smart. It’s complimenting lavendertowne while also advertising themselves. They aren’t blatantly telling you to sub to them, but they also aren’t sucking up to lavendertowne too much
      Thanks to this comment I would have never known that it was their music, and it was thanks to lavendertowne’s helpful video.
      If you’re able to master this kind of advertising, this can really help you grow

  2. Im soooo shy when iit comes to using hashtags on instagram since that is the platform i use. I dont want to many or to be judged for what I use even if it is relevant :’)

  3. So far, this has helped me a lot and I’m attempting to upload art onto YT but I’m very amateur at editing and actually drawing but most of the time I just stop uploading for like a month then go back for like 5 vids then leave again.

  4. I use a site called PaigeeWorld, which is a smaller, more kid-friendly version of DeviantArt. About everyone gets noticed, since there’s an actual whole section for the new artists to post their first drawing, so they get noticed. They’re also a welcome team that helps a LOT ^^ (oh holy shizzle 411 likes wOW)

    1. Black Rose
      You get the click the camera button and get the picture of your art in the top-right corner (mobile for ios)
      Or click the camera button by that thing that allows to look at your profile to get the file (computer)
      OR click the PaigeeWorld button and click upload an image (mobile for android/samsung)

    2. Kamiko Akuma oh! I use that too! It’s super simple to use! It’s perfect for people new to posting their art. I have 200 something followers…

  5. Thank you for this video!! I’m a YouTuber that mainly does speed paints and I only have like 13 subscribers! Thanks for the thumbnail tip!!

    1. I mean, that counts for *a lot* of Tumblr/Twitter artists who still find success anyway. Maybe that’s relevant if you’re talking about posting on IG but if you make art your main focus on the account people aren’t going to be _that_ scared off by occasional fun posts. The main idea is to avoid making a stressful environment like posting drama/controversial posts.

  6. I was literally just talking to a friend about how much I was struggling with getting my art noticed and out there ;w; thank you so much!

  7. Lavender, Thank You So Much For Being So Kind, And Posting! You Have Helped Me So Much In Art, And I’m Still Improving!
    Distant Siostra

  8. Sadly on deviantart the good art gets overridden by fetish p*rn and that kind of stuff. Nobody even sees my art, but that doesn’t stop me from improving I guess

    Keep up the good work my fellow artists, you deserve to be noticed one day❤

    1. ZaagaWaffl :3 wat tip i got feom there Just spam your art on Group how many you have how more you get also try to be more active with posting or tell your folloers things you caint upload on the moment i try at least not draw much fanbass charather due gact i think It theost easy way getuch people to your side while other Great artist Also didnt do Fanbass at all

  9. Some of the websites me and my friends use are Instagram, Google+, and iFunny. Google+ was my like, first ever platform to post my art on. _And_ my very first social media. It’s really fun and easy to use, but right now there’s a terrible update…

    It’s kind of like a mix of Amino, Twitter, and Tumblr. It’s like Amino because of communities. Anyone can make a community, which is like a group. You can join one, too. Twitter, because you can post anything. Tumblr, because of the people on there.

  10. Truuue… I’ve thought about this a lot but it’s also kind of sad how people/audience only want to follow a page/blog that has only the artist’s art… and then unfollow/get disinterested whenever the artist posts about their life or has an update it’s like they hate seeing the artist is a real person and all they want is content content content. That’s the only thing that’s upsetting.

    1. yeah but i dont mean artists posting shitposts or silly stuff, more like one personal-ish post or smth that’s not Cute Fanart that everyone flocks to. It’s like anything that has more to do with the artist makes people unfollow or care less bc sometimes they dont see artists as people you know what I mean?

    2. remainingembers I think you have the wrong idea of why people follow artists online. Most of the time, what people care about is just the art. It’s rare that an artist online seems interesting enough that one would want to know about non art related topics, too. I think whether or not your audience cares about your private life is something you need to test out carefully and slowly.
      People aren’t unfeeling, but the internet is big, and time is sparse, and therecs a big difference between a casual follower and a huge fan.

    3. Maybe so for very professional artists who have dedicated places for their artwork, I’m not so much talking about that than just general artists and ones who do their work for hobby more than for actual commission or for a field. Regardless of who and where, treating artists or any creator like faceless machines only there to give content of whatever they posted once is generally hurtful imo. I’m talking people unfollowing for an artist answering one single question or not posting a few days due to school, or just how it feels as an artist posting when you only get interaction from others when you post some goofy meme art, but not on anything else or anything meaningful in your life yanno.

    4. Is that surprising? People are rarely interested in the artist’s life since it is irrelevant to them. Some artists are also very obnoxious about this, such as using their pages as a soapbox for their personal (usually financial) issues. I don’t think people mind the occasional non-art update, but if it becomes too frequent or preachy there is no reason to continue following said artist.

  11. Thank you for this video! I got into some deep waters last year due to college and what’s been really helping me lately apart from a tougher skin is actually fanart of Doctor Who. 🙂 And I’ll eventually start sharing it on Instagram once exams are over;;
    But yeah, you talking about making the thumbnail contrasting so a person clicks on it seems like a no brainer but often get’s skimmed a lot. Hope this’ll help a lot of upcoming artists. <3

  12. Hehe… I only have PopJam, and I have a 1.9K followers. I don’t deserve that many and no way did I do it for likes nor followers! But once I get an insta, I’ll make sure to keep these in mind. But I think that posting your art shouldn’t be for likes but to get feedback! Hehe

    1. emotional
      No I didn’t, it’s by saisai-chan on tumblr, and I edit it to have a purple hair
      But I redraw it (I just changed my profile picture to the picture I drew)

  13. My problem is that I use my phone and I don’t know how to change the thumbnail picture, cause you can’t really see what the vid is going to be about.(p.s.: I love your bids and good art advice)

  14. Okay fun fact:My best friend who posted one(1) picture of a really badly drawn anime eye that took 5 minutes got like 190+ followers for a week or two because of her profile name.Which has the word otaku in it.
    I,who had like 30+ posts which took up to 2 hours or more,took a year to gain 124 followers.
    That really pissed me off honestly. Worst part is that she teased me about it

  15. Pastel Bow
    She talked about that in her 7 deadly artist sins once.
    It’s fine to take a break every now and then. And also comparing your art is never good because the other people might just have more experience or might learn faster. Instead try figuring out why you like their style so much and look at yours and see how to improve it.
    Good luck and I hope my comment helped! ❤

  16. Nowadays it’s pretty difficult to get famous on Instagram I remember the good old times where everything was easier and you was able to enjoy using it and enjoy drawing not only for the likes :»)

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