What’s New in GIMP 2.10.4

GIMP has just released GIMP 2.10.4, and we go over the important new features found in this latest release! New features include the «Straighten» button added …. как нарисовать дракона частями

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  1. Also what happens to the MB or GB that’s used when you download software? if you uninstall a software do you get those MB GB back??

    • when you download and install the software, the installer still exists on your computer. typically it’s stored in the Download folder or a hidden folder (%temp%). deleting the installer and uninstalling the program will get you your space back

    • Using which tool/performing which action? You may have a bug in your GIMP — which can be reported on the GIMP Bugs page.

    • I don’t believe it’s possible (or ever has been possible) to select more than one layer at a time in GIMP.

    • thats sad, bc non destructive editing and layer selection are essential things in image editing.
      I hope they will fix this misfortune in the future.
      btw, thank you for your great videos!

    • I agree — it would be a nice feature to have, along with adjustment layers. The GEGL filters they added help with the non-destructive aspect, but they don’t have the full power of adjustment layers. The GIMP team says they are working on this, though!

    • no i deleted all of those plugins. reinstalled gimp from scratch and it still gives errors everytime. I have to click ok a bunch through the errors then it starts. It just seems as if gimp is not stable, and when I had 2.8 it worked fine.

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