23 thoughts on “What’s New in GIMP 2.10.4

    1. when you download and install the software, the installer still exists on your computer. typically it’s stored in the Download folder or a hidden folder (%temp%). deleting the installer and uninstalling the program will get you your space back

    1. thats sad, bc non destructive editing and layer selection are essential things in image editing.
      I hope they will fix this misfortune in the future.
      btw, thank you for your great videos!

    2. I agree — it would be a nice feature to have, along with adjustment layers. The GEGL filters they added help with the non-destructive aspect, but they don’t have the full power of adjustment layers. The GIMP team says they are working on this, though!

    1. no i deleted all of those plugins. reinstalled gimp from scratch and it still gives errors everytime. I have to click ok a bunch through the errors then it starts. It just seems as if gimp is not stable, and when I had 2.8 it worked fine.

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