Why I Draw. | My Art Journey

Never let anything stop you from creating. Hope you enjoyed hearing why I draw and my journey to accepting my passion ❤ Canon EOS M100: …. как нарисовать путешествие

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  1. OMGGGGG ILYSM AMANDA!! I’m gonna go watch the video, but first hear me out-
    You are the most artistic, creative, most inspiring YouTuber ever u inspired me to do bujoing. Congratulations on hitting 100Million!!

    Btw, I’m gonna post my bullet Journal pics and tag u in it!! 🙂

  2. Nice , I am a doctor ( was justa med student a while ago ) and I am struggling so hard to keep it up with drawing , so thank you for your videos , they inspire me so much

  3. wow im kinda early.

    p.s you’re my bullet journal inspo and i love all your videos. Im not just trying to get noticed i just am literally addicted to your journal videos because THEY ARE PERFECTION

  4. Thank you for this video I really haven’t drawn in a while because how hard people push school so inspiring

  5. Love all your videos! You do amazing. I wish i could enter but it says its not promoted in my area. (I live in the US-Texas)

  6. How did you get your wallpaper design printed?? its something i am interested in creating my on seamless wallpaper. xx

  7. I’ve always been so, so creative, playing piano, drawing, singing, designing, and I’ve always aspired to be something more. I was always never happy with how good I was, and when my friends would outdo me, it would crush me just when I thought I was doing good. I’ve always been told, you’re so good, and I always kind of thought that MY own creative wasn’t enough and I should just stop. Watching you, and getting into bullet journaling and expressing myself through simpler, aesthetic drawings helped me find my style of creativity and what I liked so that I could have something to show that wasn’t copied. This helped. Thanks.

  8. wait is the giveaway in the US because it’s not letting me enter the giveaway because it says «sorry, this promotion is not available in your region»

  9. Hey, Amanda ! I’m from germany and I’m 16 y/o.
    2018 was my very first year of Bullet Journaling, you inspired me a lot.
    I noticed how much I missed drawing and drawing doodles etc. Thanks for ur inspiration ! Greets from germany!

  10. wow this video spoke to me on such a personal level. i have been a creative person since i came out of the womb so i totally understand this video. i love seeing you being creative and you inspire me to create!

  11. I have recently started a bullet journal but I have been doing music for years. I love picking up an instrument and playing a song. Music has done so much for me, and I hope bullet journaling will soon become a similar outlet for me

  12. Yo dibujo por que me gusta mucho hacerlo :V
    Enserio, si lo es, me pone muy feliz y eso es lo que me impulso a que un futuro estudié arquitectura 😀
    A mi me encanta

  13. Thanks so much for inspiring me! You’ve inspired me to start bullet journaling, even though I had no experience! I’ve improved a lot, thanks to you! Keep making bullet journaling videos please! Love you! ❤️❤️

  14. I am not one to comment to much but I want to let you know that you have inspired me to start doodling again and hopefully I get my love for art and drawing back. Love all your videos❤

  15. You have greatly influenced me and my artistic choices. I used to dobart as a child but as I grew up I gradually lost that fire. But when I saw your videos, you have rekindled that fire and I have loved art even more! Thank you for being such a great inspiration Amanda!

  16. Thank you for giving me motivation to get past my creative stump and get back into drawing. I too, grew up thinking with the same mentally that being creative isn’t going to make you succeed in life. I persued something my heart wasn’t in it. Realizing that now, I’m working my way in being more creative. Whether it’s with coding, design, or Photography. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your artwork. It has given me the motivation, inspiration, and courage to continue on in my creative direction! 🙂

  17. This really inspired me to remember to do what I always love. It’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that your work isn’t good enough to put out or that you can never pursue art as a career. I think its super important to always remember that! Thank you!

  18. too close to home :’D
    I love music (violin and singing to be specific), but I’m currently getting my master’s in computer science.. which I also love but it’s not my true passion. But there’s no way I’ll change my mind now that I’m so close to getting my master’s

  19. To the creators and makers in this comment thread. Please continue to create. When you are engaged in making art your brain waves change, your consciousness alters and your heart chakra opens. That child who said ‘the journey is the destination’ was absolutely correct. Give yourself over to the process of creating without self criticism and judgment — you deserve that much from yourself. Don’t compare your work with that of other makers. Instead, try to look at your progress as you learn. But really most of all that thing about the brain and heart chakra changes i wrote at the beginning is the main thing — the world will benefit when more people engage in creative endeavors. When you are in joy and at peace the people around you begin to become lighter in their spirit as well. So really you are changing the world one art session at a time. xoxo, tree

  20. Well…I do not have much talent and my creativity left me due to depression…But I write when I feel. Unfortunately I do not do it as often anymore. Nor do I read as I used to. Do not know why I fell into this slum ( or how you call it)…. I hate it. But people like you inspire me. Hopefully, one day, I will get out of this s**y mood and get my bone to some drawing and writing 😀

  21. I was always told I was creative as a child because of my stories that I wrote but I never considered myself an artist because I wasn’t very good at drawing. As I got older I began to create more and more and I now create with many different types of mediums and crafts. I am glad I didn’t give up and eventually realized that even though I don’t draw, except for some doodling in my bujo, I am still an artist.

  22. Omg this is so cute. I was always afraid of drawing, especially in front of people but I still like creating stuff. I have been following all your bullet journals and kept it in a playlist. You inspire me to be more creative, thank you so much Amanda. Ilysm❤️

  23. You inspired me to stay creative. I’m only 14, and I’m going through a lot of ups and downs with my art and music, but it’s nice to see that I’m not alone.

  24. I never really realized how important creating was to me until the end of my highschool career, I always told people that I wasn’t creative, just because I didn’t see what I created as good enough. Then at the end of high school I started bullet journaling and I realized how important creativity is to me. It’s my way of destressing and giving myself time to breathe and just really enjoy doing something. I never thought there was really any point in doing anything with it, but now I’ve realized that spreading my creativity could help someone else’s creativity and I started a bullet journal instagram account! I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, but now that I’ve finally done it, I couldn’t be happier about it!

  25. Amanda, I absolutely love your page! I have been trying to decide whether or not to make an art page myself , and you have given me the confidence to do it. I am still worried my bullet journaling won’t be good enough but I’m taking the plunge! I have an Instagram page on it and your my inspiration @katrinas.korner1! You are amazing and I have been following your videos for a year now! Your absolutely amazing and should never stop following your heart!

  26. This inspired me. I want to do something with art as a job but I keep hearing that I shouldn’t do it because it doesn’t pay much. I would like to pursue a career in art therapy because I like to help people and I want art to be apart of my everyday life when I’m older. I personally think a job should involve waking up in the morning and getting excited to start a new day, but many people have told me that I should be more invested in getting a high paying job that I don’t enjoy. Although many people believe money can buy happiness, I believe art is my key to happiness. A pen and a piece of paper can make the most wonderful things, and can maybe make someone else’s day better in some way.

  27. I am crying. Thank you for this! I hadn’t drawn in years and through watching your videos I have slowly started drawing again

  28. Wow um I have the thought that art isn’t a real job and it’s not worth the lack of income when I have a future career/ job. I’m sixteen and it’s been this idea and I’m the first in my family to go to college so I feel like I have to pursue a stable job with high income because my immigrant parents never could. Now, I still have this struggle and am constantly putting the idea in my head that art is a hobby not a career. Money has always been a worry for me even at the age of ten and now that I can do something about it I feel responsible and unable to choose and disappoint with art. I bullet journal and love it, but now I got a part time job and have less and less time just so my constant worry for money can be put to rest.

    • I don’t think think there is anything wrong with going to college and majoring in something that clearly correlates to a job and a good paycheck. I would say do that first… you can always keep art as a hobby, slowly turn it into a business or a «side hustle», and if that goes well, maybe it can become your job. I love being creative, but I didn’t come from a family who could help support me while I pursued an artistic dream. I chose a more conventional career and don’t regret that. I will always love being creative, but for me I found a lot of peace of mind in being financially stable in my career.

  29. Your video was so inspiring, I loved it !
    I have a question, is the giveaway opened at the international ? I’m french.
    Thanks !

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