YOUTUBER sends me a MYSTERY ART BOX w/ Doodle Date

What did I send Doodle Date? CHECK IT OUT: Ссылка?v=H9rGE6WtLWY FINALLY! The collaboration you’ve all been asking for!. как нарисовать животное на тестировании

725 Replies to “YOUTUBER sends me a MYSTERY ART BOX w/ Doodle Date”

  1. I got so excited i thought adam and steph had actually gone to canada and it was a real life collab but n o

  2. Like half way through this video I realised she was wearing the same top as me, do you shop at h & m by any chance

  3. I loved this style of video(I know you’re trying to copy doodle date’s style)! You guys are so funny and cute and this relaxed style had me laughing so hard

  4. I’m not sure if I misunderstood what you were saying but are you diabetic? I’m diabetic so I’m asking out of curiosity.

  5. D: WISPAS ARE NOT THE SAME AS AEROS. Sorry. Lol aeros are bubbly and light. Wispas… Wait.. Omg we got conned.

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