YOUTUBER sends me a MYSTERY ART BOX w/ Doodle Date

What did I send Doodle Date? CHECK IT OUT: Ссылка?v=H9rGE6WtLWY FINALLY! The collaboration you’ve all been asking for!. как нарисовать животное на тестировании

725 Replies to “YOUTUBER sends me a MYSTERY ART BOX w/ Doodle Date”

  1. AW so nice! I love the fish/wiene boy, he would be an amazing sticker 😉 The manga girl is good too, but I think David tried a lill too hard hehe

  2. The fish with legs should be called a «Diamrem» (that’s mermaid spelled backwards) can I get a second on that?

  3. I couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole video cause Kasey looks like a happy little kid opening christmas presents

  4. While us Canadians DON’T think we are the UK or part of the UK, Queen Elizabeth is our head of state and we do spell things the proper English way (among other things), so it may seem so to an outsider such as yourself… but we do have a connecton to the UK. And just because the UK may have an Aero type chocolate bar doesn’t mean we copied them nor trying to be like them, in fact its more likely they copied us.

    • +C. Matt Scott I know she does, she lives on Vancouver Island, but she isn’t Canadian nor lived here long.

    • +C. Matt Scott well the truth is the truth. If you’re not from a certain place you are an outsider, not sure why that is pretencious. I could say a lot about how I see Americans from an outsiders view, doesn’t mean its true though, sound more pretencious to me to say those things about a group of people than to say one is an outsider.

  5. probably one of my favourite videos on your channel! Also, I think Dave’s/Adam’s/Gingy from Shrek’s drawing is 100000x better than yours, Kasey. The patchy skin is just so… diverse. He sent a message of how beautiful vitiligo can be. I guess it’s time for you to hand over the channel.

  6. I love this video Kasey! It was so fun and the art was amazing! I feel like you always try something new. Also, I love those gemstone colors!

  7. I’m two minutes into the video and it’s making me incredibly happy. Dave’s interpretation of Adam, all those gifts!! Your reactions! This is amazing.

  8. Another great brittish/English candy that is honestly my favorite that I 1000000% recommend buying in bulk, is blackcurrant millions. Literally the best!

  9. funny she mentioned zelda wind waker, cause I met her channel when I was playing the game and I used to listen to her videos on my phone while playing it… wow

  10. Hi um so me and my cousin’s made a weird video and its not the best but if u want to watch it it is called we really regret it dono

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