YOUTUBER sends me a MYSTERY ART BOX w/ Doodle Date

What did I send Doodle Date? CHECK IT OUT: Ссылка?v=H9rGE6WtLWY FINALLY! The collaboration you’ve all been asking for!. как нарисовать животное на тестировании

725 Replies to “YOUTUBER sends me a MYSTERY ART BOX w/ Doodle Date”

  1. Kasey has said “OMG” 13 times throughout the video. And yes I went over this video multiple times…

  2. I saw your teeny weeny art challenge with your original character hatch and I will love a book of hatch and and a cartoon of him

  3. I love watching this at 3:30 a.m. while eating a bag of shredded cheese. I’ll do that until the next video comes out. Great as always!

  4. Ah my 2 favorite art channels collabing it’s too good to be true!

    Also I died at «thats a lovely shade of blue» OOF

  5. Dave’s impression made me laugh really hard and I haven’t even heard of the YouTuber he was impersonating

  6. Anyone else acc think Casey is really weird? All of these sweets were acc British, so I mean she wasn’t wrong when she said that abb Canadians! ….

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