YOUTUBER sends me a MYSTERY ART BOX w/ Doodle Date

What did I send Doodle Date? CHECK IT OUT: Ссылка?v=H9rGE6WtLWY FINALLY! The collaboration you’ve all been asking for!. как нарисовать животное на тестировании

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  1. I still have not been able to replicate the true-to-life anatomy of that day….
    ALSO This is only further proof that Dave and I were separated at birth

    HONESTLY THOUGH we cant thank you both for this collab you’re like doodle date naturals as well, this whole video had us CRYING <3

  2. I’m crying. You guys have a GREAT sense of humor. Doodle Date 2.0! I love this collab and i love both of your channels so much! Kasey, you drew this fish with a fannypack so good! It’s so funny and i love the idea you came up with!

  3. I am not sure if you have these in Canada but in Australia Fredo is a type of chocolate by Cadbury shaped like a cartoon frog

  4. «I’m excited about this swirly weiner situation.» Kasey 2018.
    I need this quote on a shirt, i need this so much in my life.

  5. It’s not what wieners are like in the UK. also, saying *I’m proud of my fanny* is kinda like saying *I’m proud of ‘down there’* in the UK

    • I started giggling and then I renembered the girl who came by randomly to ask if we had any candy because her mom was diabetic and her blood sugar was dangerously low. I gave her a bunch of the American Smarties (which are like glucose tabs but tiny) and she was grateful.
      So now when I think of candy + diabetes I think emergency stockpile rather than completely crazy combo.

  6. When you said special I thought you said sexual and I was extremely weirded out by your windwaker fantasys

  7. Dave was a very convincing Adam!

    Edit: I really enjoyed this style of filming for Kasey and Dave. I love the Doodle Date-esque feel because it’s very personal and genuine.

  8. oh no xD the difference in the items and quality sent to each other.
    you guys shoulda made a budget.
    this is kinda embarrassing.
    No hate though obviously xD but the audiance can feel it too

    • I absolutely loved my package and I can say so with 110% honestly. That’s not really for you to judge. 🙁

    • I didn’t say you didn’t like it
      i’m not judging it either
      I’m just saying it’s kinda funny
      like I said no hate

    • I guess except aero have much larger air bubbles in them whereas wispas are more like a giant block of chocolate that has lots of tiny bubble. Plus aero come in mint chocolate and normal chocolate lol

  9. Its not that Canada likes to think we’re the UK, we are part of the commonwealth and thus the Queen of England is still our Sovereign. You could call her the Queen of Canada/Australia/New Zealand interchangeably because of that fact. Because of this very close relationship we naturally get a lot a lot of British imports. And thats also the reason why she’s on all of our money cause well she’s our queen too.

  10. Canada doesn’t *think* we’re the UK. We *know* we’re *better*. At least we were civil about splitting off.

    But really love this video, I’m dying of laughter.

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