Yu-Gi-Oh! Series 3 Figure Toys 5 Mini Boxes Opening | Yugi Kaiba & Blue-Eyes Random Figures!


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94 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! Series 3 Figure Toys 5 Mini Boxes Opening | Yugi Kaiba & Blue-Eyes Random Figures!

  1. i will say dark magician girl / decode taker and the the other talker monsters and firewall dragon / borreload dragon I it have in figures

    1. Tabesh Ataie its a yugioh channel in general, not a pack opening only channel, so please get your salt out of here and be more considerate. K thanks

  2. There are a lot of great designs for toys. I’d like an Odd Eyes Pendulum, Decode Talker, Stardust Dragon, Honesty Neos, Blue Eyes Chaos Max, Galaxy Eyes.

  3. I’m still surprised we haven’t seen a Dark Magician or DMG figure hanger yet. Ones I’d like to see are Silent Magician & Swordsman, Gandora, Marshmallon, but I doubt they’ll do any of these because it seems that like Heroclix, they only care about the old-old monsters.

  4. I just saw these at Walmart and man would you be jealous of our sale bin for pokemon and yugioh! I just wish I had the money to buy some!

  5. Nice. And yeah, Gate Guardian defintely is very heavy. I also got blue eyes ultimate but did not feel heavy so It is easy to tell which box Gate Guardian is.

  6. Yea Elemental hero Stratos would be my choice. Or Elemental Hero Absolute Zero. Really any Elemental Hero. Man how cool would Neos Knight be?

  7. You need to keep an eye out for those one pack and 25 cards.my walmarts had LC5Ds,jeoy’s world and yugis world packs in them and i want an elemental hero neos keychain or flame wingman

  8. Hi Cyberknight I really enjoy your videos! I think it would cool if they made a Blue Eyes Shining Dragon figure from the Pyramid of Light movie.

  9. Would love to see you try to get the rest of the set! My favorite out of these might be baby dragon, but all of them came out really nice with vibrant colors and whatnot.

  10. We definitely need Dian keto the cure master next. If possible, the JP version.

    We also need Polymerization, I got 3 Blue Eyes and just pulled Blue-Eyes Ultimate D. from this so I need it to complete my set. If possible, the original art.

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